arctic electronica


NÀHGĄ is a Tlicho Dene multi-instrument musician that utilizes a variation of effects with his instruments and voice to create dynamic layered compositions that house anecdotes of electronica, hip-hop, and rock/metal/industrial music; paired with engaging visuals, NÀHGĄ creates an enveloping atmosphere with his live performances. He strives to reclaim his culture through music and art; inspired by technology, language, politics, economy, and northern legends.

“NÀHGĄ” is the Tlicho/Dogrib word for “bushman”, which is known in legend as the spirit of the woods in the NWT; and not necessarily a nice spirit. The beaded eye-cover that is worn is an interpretation of hybrid culture and to pay respect to our traditional artists and craft-makers. The red line of beads is to represent the villians or robots in sci-fi films which are usually represented with red eyes or scan-lines.

Casey Koyczan, a.k.a. NÀHGĄ, from Yellowknife, NT, is also an installation artist, actor, creates audio for video-games, and scores for films. In his spare time he works with various local organizations on multi-media projects, and creates music videos and short music documentaries.