arctic electronica


NÀHGĄ is a Tlicho Dene interdisciplinary musician that utilizes a variation of effects with his instruments and voice to create dynamic layered compositions that house anecdotes of electronica, hip-hop, and metal/industrial music; he also plays atmospheric live-looping music that’s perfect for gatherings and events. Paired with engaging visuals, NÀHGĄ creates an enveloping atmosphere with his live performances. He strives to reclaim his culture through music and art; inspired by technology, language, politics, economy, and northern legends.

“NÀHGĄ” is the Tlicho/Dogrib word for “bushman”, which is known in legend as the spirit of the woods in the NWT; which serves as a reminder to respect the land, water, and all their inhabitants. The beaded eye-cover that is worn is a visual representation of the obscurity and mystery of what this spirit is, and also to pay respect to our traditional artists and craft-makers with a sci-fi influence.

Casey Koyczan is also an interdisciplinary artist, actor, and creates audio for video-games, scores, and films. In his spare time he works with various local organizations on multi-media projects, and creates music videos and short music documentaries.